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Convenient Retractable Canopies

When one person wants sunlight and another wants shade, CableShade retractable awnings provide the perfect solution. These canopies are manually controlled to allow you to retract any one of the canopies to any increment you desire. The canopy design is suitable to most any deck or patio size -- and most any pergola configuration.

On an existing pergola our versatile CableShade systems are simply added to the 'underside' not 'between' the arbors -- as in the picture to the right with blue CableShades.

If building the pergola or frame in conjunction with adding the canopies, then yes, our canopies can be designed to fit between the arbors. If you do not have a pergola, we can help you with that as well. 

CableShades can extend up to 20 feet and more with a cross-support. They work whether on the level or if on a slope. Since they are made from stainless cables and eyelets where the cables glide, you can rest easy knowing your new awning will last many years (10 to 20 years expectation -- depending on care and conditions).

Easy to Winterize

To winterize your CableShades, simply retract and flip the flap. Nothing could be easier, and there are no extra steps! It takes about one minute to winterize each canopy, and you can even retract and flap in heavy-snow climates -- no need to remove them for the winter.

Step 1

Canopies retract easily on the stainless cables. Each order comes with a lightweight maneuvering pole. It takes about 10 seconds to retract each canopy.

Step 2

Canopies don't 'roll up' like other retractable systems, but gather accordion style-- leaving a breezeway to keep the canopies dry -- no mildew.

Step 3

For winterizing or for vacation times, simply retract, flip the hangdown flap over the fold and add the two crisscross bungees.

Mike's Installed Shade

How They Work

Extend the CableShades in the spring (after threat of snow) and leave them locked out all year until threat of snow in the fall. Simply unlatch and retract (accordion style), then flip the flap over and side-bungee for the winter or vacation times. It literally takes about 10 seconds to retract each canopy and another 30 seconds to winterize.


CableShades can attach to almost any house curvature such as a flat wall or wrapping around a bay window. The top canopy can extend on the level so the canopies can project outward up to projections longer than 15 feet. The retractable canopy can also work on sloped applications. See example pictures.


CableShades custom design is for long term durability and should not require annual service. The cables and most component parts are high grade stainless steel. The fabric is a highest of quality ‘marina fabrics’ --- the color and pattern is the same on both top and bottom side of the fabric.


Simply retract your shades when the sun is desired, or extend when full shade is wanted a (10 second ordeal per canopy). Each individual canopy can be retracted partial or total. One side of the deck/patio can be sunny (for plants or sunbathing) while the other side 98% shaded in seconds.


Standard sizes are 50" or 64" or 84" widths (eyelet to eyelet for each shade placemets). Custom-sizes are available. The length (projection) can be most any increment needed. With just adding more canopies the overall width can be as wide as needed. Projections are typical 12 to 15 ft., but can be extended up to much longer projections with simple mid-support J-hooks.


The CableShade system is far less priced than other ‘individual retractable canopy systems.’  Most orders will cost from $12 to $14 per square foot -- depending on if using 50" or 64" or 84" sizes.

A 10x10 (two canopies running out 10 ft.) would cost approx. $1300.

Before Spring/Summer rush, for instance a  21x14  size would cost $3500-ish.

Keep in mind—(4) of the 5 ft. sizes (making up 21 ft. width) will cost less than would (5) of the 4’ sizes to make up the same 21 ft. available space. 

Our unique CANOPIES ON CABLES can be fitted under vinyl or wood structures.

Even under a second story deck for added shade or decor.

Does the CableShade retractable canopy/awning really work in high winds and heavy rain?

These canopies actually do work in high winds because of the separation between canopies and the buoyancy of the cables constantly releasing wind pressure. CableShades wider than the 64" size can have added decorative grommet drains for drainage of excess rain.


How Quick Can I Have My Canopies?

If the Sunbrella fabric is in stock, your canopies can be shipped within 10 days to 2 weeks from date of order on avarage sized orders. (average order is 3 Shades at 12 ft. projection)

How About That Late Western Sun?

Drop down vertical blinds can be easily added to most any (level) surface. These can be purchased from Lowe’s; Home Depot; Cosco, etc., for about $100 for a 10’x7’ (largest size). These vertical blinds are very easy to install.

Drop down vertical blinds are best if used in a Mesh fabric rather than the same opaque fabric as the canopies. The Mesh comes in standard widths of 6 ft., 8 ft. and 10 ft. sizes and range from 70% to 90% sun block. If the blinds are intended to match the overhead opaque canopies fabric then the maximum width is 5 ft. per blind.

Western Sun

Installation of Retractable Canopies

Installation requires about 30 minutes per canopy on an existing pergola or trellis. Simply install the eyelets at desired 4 points (4 corners) per canopy; thread the cable through eyelets and the canopy; connect turnbuckle and tighten to desired tension. If projection is over 15 ft. J-hooks can be simply added in the middle to prop up a long projection. Personal assistance is available for the do-it-yourself customer. 

Don’t have an existing Pergola/Trellis?  Call for assistance.  In most areas there are pergola builders standing by.  We can provide assistance if you are a do-it-yourself builder.

CableShade canopies can remain in extended position from spring through fall seasons -- even through most high winds. They must be retracted in threats of snowy weather.

Note: CableShade Retractable Canopies are individualized sections that retract individually ( 84" or 64" or 50" 'widths' standard sizes). No CableShade can be wider than the 84" width. They can extend at any increment up to approx. 30 ft.

Note: A Retractable Awning is often a term one uses to describe the same thing as 'retractable canopies.' Generally speaking, however, an awning is one large size sewn-together fabric like you see on some of the "crank out" awning TV adds. Those crank out awnings are a whole different ball game when it comes to wind pressure release and the rain/snow issues.