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Options to Consider for Retractable Patio Covers in Sacramento, CA


Color/ Design - CableShade NATIONWIDE patio covers in Sacramento, CA                                                                                                          are available in hundreds of colors and patterns, including stripe patterns in up to 60-inch widths, which are not available from many competitors. Check out our photo gallery as well as visit us on Instagram @cableshade2404 for more details.

Fabric Durability - It is advised not to order any system where the cables or wires are threaded over the fabric. Though the cable is strung a few inches above the material, the wind can still whip it up against the cable or wire, quickly wearing out the material. The CableShade design runs the cables beside the fabric, not over, and uses only the highest grade, waterproof outdoor fabrics.

Design Durability - The minimal space between each pergola canopy  allows for proper rain drainage and wind-pressure release, where other fabric canopies or shade sails can be torn down or ripped with strong winds or heavy rains. CableShade canopies also do not use expensive motors or cranks, which can be damaged and have costly repairs. Our awnings retract easily with provided skyhook in seconds.

System Component Durability -  CableShade uses stainless steel components, where other systems may use parts that can rust or easily break over time, causing costly repairs.

Versatility -  Extend your retractable awning in Sacramento, C   in warmer weather to stay out of the sun, or retract back in the cooler seasons to enjoy the sunshine! In areas with snow, our canopies easily withdraw back to be wrapped and winterized to protect from snow and ice.  

Easy Installation - CableShade retractable canopies come fully assembled, including all stainless components, and ready for installation. The installation process is straightforward and takes 20-30 minutes per shade:

  1. Set the mounting eyelets where diagrammed
  2. Thread the cable through the canopies and eyelets
  3. Secure and tighten the cables with the stainless steel turnbuckle


Wood Deck with Fabric Retractable Awnings on Wire


White Backyard Pergola with Red Retractable Awnings/Shades on Slide Wire or Cables

Custom-Built Pergola with Fabric CableShade Canopies

Here is a beautiful custom-built pergola in a New York home courtyard with CableShade fabric canopies added. These retractable canopies on cables are easy to use and enhance the look of any home or building. They can be used in a variety of applications, from a backyard courtyard pergola to a restaurant’s outdoor seating.

Carefully Crafted Customized Colorful Canopies on Cables 
All Orders in the US mainland
Contact Len Mckee

Green Retractable Shades Over Patio

"Hello Len,

Hope business is going well - just wanted to finally get some photos to you of the final installation of your product on my pergola here in the eastern Finger Lakes.

We started this effort with lots of research about a year ago...and are finally enjoying the fruits of that!   The last snow melted away off the patio around April 20th, after which I enlisted my son to come up from NYC to help install the shades over an extended weekend.  While there was a little bit of learn as you go, by the time we finished the last panel, we were experts.

Now, with the sun fully hitting the patio area from 9am until 8pm at this time of the year, we have essentially added another complete seasonal room to the house. Instead of retreating away from the overhead sun and the resulting heat trapped in the patio area during the day, we have a very comfortable area for outdoor lunch, entertaining guests, enjoying the backyard birds and that all important evening cocktail before grilling dinner. 

From inside, we also now enjoy the view out towards the back yard all day long, instead of closing off the dining room sliding doors and shutting the indoor blinds when that sun hits. We already have shown it off to a number of friends who admire the results and will themselves be thinking of CableShade when they decide on similar projects in the future. We appreciate your support to help ensure we bought the right size, right length, and right color for our needs. Additionally, your written installation instructions specifically for this job enabled the contractor to set up the pergola correctly, and easily guided me with the installation of the shades.

—Steve Ladd (Skaneateles, NY) 6/5/2015

How to Order Your Retractable Canopy in 5 Easy Steps:

1. Call or email describing your retractable canopy project.

2. Receive a quote via phone or email.

3. If the quote is acceptable, email digitals, dimensions, or a birds-eye-view diagram for accuracy and final price.

4. Select the fabric.

5. CableShade will email you the invoice for your order, or you can call in payment.

Poolside Patio with Retractable Awnings on Slide Wire

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