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Manufactured in the U.S -- Distributed Worldwide! -- Commercial and  Residential

CableShade Nationwide Canopies and Patio Covers

CableShade Retractable Shades For Your Deck, Patio or Pergola

7-C's -- Carefully Crafted, Customized, Colorful,  Creative, Canopies on Cables!

Home with Tan Retractable Slide Wire Awnings

Add CableShade retractable canopies to your backyard patio or deck.

Restaurant with Fabric Canopies on Cables

CableShade retractable canopies are perfect for outdoor restaurant settings, hotels, or any other large commercial project. 

Backyard Pergola with Waterproof Fabric Shades

Easily add our CableShade retractable shades to your existing pergola. 

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Most questions regarding our CableShade retractable canopies are answered on this website. We are more than happy to email you additional information or answer specific questions. Please use the form below.

To keep overhead costs low and pass those savings onto our customers, catalogs and promotional materials are not available.

It will  speed up the design and ordering process to email us a few digitals of the area needing patio covers in Sacramento, CA

This also ensures accuracy in design-assistance when we talk on the phone. Provide two aerial-view pictures and a few close-ups where needed. Please email them to

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It may help to have a measuring tape on hand and either to use a cordless phone or a cell phone for the consultation.

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