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White pergola with red fabric waterproof retractable awnings installed on slide wires

About Us  |  Retractable Overhead Cabled Shades Is Our Only Business

At CableShade, we have worked hard to develop the perfect retractable awning and now you can enjoy the fruits of our labor. These retractable canopy systems are custom-made to fit your unique outdoor area.  No assembly line here.  Each canopy is handcrafted to your exact dimensions and laid out to verify accuracy before shipping. Based in Salt Lake City. Shipping nationwide. CableShades are in most every US state as well as Canada, Mexico and Australia. For residential or commercial use. See our CableShades on many of the Firebirds Restaurants throughout the Eastern Sates.   Retractable Overheads

Carefully Crafted Canopy

Targeted Customers--Residential And Commercial

This nation-wide CableShade canopy service is mostly intended for customers with existing Pergolas who want to add retractable canopies on the ‘underside’ for a more complete shade, as per the gallery pictures. The CableShade canopies on cables can also be as simple as a connection from two points (house to header) if you do not have an existing pergola/trellis.

Meets Customer Expectations

Most customers simply want an attractive retractable shade system that works even in high winds and heavy rains, and which doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Our affordable CableShade canopies are designed to last 10 to 20 years depending on environment and care. When time for new canopies, just send them back for fabric replacement. Cables, eyelets, turnbuckles and the nose-hook (latches) are stainless steel. Fabric is top grade marina fabrics--mildew resistant.

Wood pergola with attached waterproof fabric canopies

White striped fabric canopies on home patio by CableShade White pergola with installed green fabric waterproof canopies on slide wires Beautiful patio setting with pergola and overhead canopies made from Sunbrella Marina fabrics by CableShade Poolside pergola with attached retractable shade on cables

Green Retractable Canopy and Furniture on back deck

Our Goal

These CableShade canopies are the most durable built and trouble-free on the market. Our goal is to have 100% satisfied shaded customers and zero customer complaints. We look forward to hearing from our happy customers between 10 and 20 years when it might be time for a fabric exchange. Our aim is not to mass-produce the retractable canopies, but to carefully craft (customize-to-fit) each customer's unique canopy need. Availability may be limited in busy seasons.

Area of Service -- Nationwide

Shipping via UPS. Personal delivery and installation for canopy awnings is available in some Midwest states on larger projects.
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