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High-Quality Custom Pergola Canopy Components

Nationwide Shipping. Each CableShade is custom-built to fit your deck/patio or pergola in as little as ten days.

Easy installation. All components provided.

Order your custom pergola canopy from CableShade NATIONWIDE to see why so many homeowners have to depend on our products. Every canopy is manufactured from the highest quality materials and designed to fit your specific needs. Additionally, our awnings are durable and will keep your patio covered for years to come.

Innovative Design

At CableShade NATIONWIDE, we pride ourselves on offering the most innovative retractable patio shade canopy available. The self-locking system and stainless steel components ensure you can retract the canopy easily. Installation is simple ... just set the eyelets where diagrammed -- set the cable and turnbuckle (for each shade), and clip in the CableShade. Retracts (accordion style) in seconds with the use of a maneuvering sky-hook (no ladders needed). Because they do not roll up, the material lasts longer and holds up under high winds. Additionally, these CableShades are virtually maintenance-free. Exptect 13 to 20 years longevity -- depending on climate and a few variables. 

The Difference Our Canopies Make

Discover the difference that CableShade NATIONWIDE makes by learning more about our custom-designed retractable pergola shade covers. With our advanced systems in place, you can save money while enjoying the benefits that a retractable canopy provides. Our high-quality design ensures your cover lasts for years to come and requires minimal maintenance.

Contact us to order your custom pergola canopy. We proudly ship nationwide.