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4 Ideas for Enhancing Your Outdoor Space with Better Pergola Shade

Pergolas are a versatile addition to your landscape—especially if it is shaded to protect you from the elements. The following ideas are just a few of the many ways to make the most of pergola shade:

Hang Curtains: If you’ve ever admired a movie scene of curtains billowing in the breeze, this design tip is for you. Curtains add texture and color to your pergola, and they create a pretty aesthetic.

Set Up a Canopy or Tent: A pergola canopy can be a great addition to special events like garden parties or even outdoor weddings. Many stylish options are available to suit all kinds of aesthetics.


Add a Retractable Canopy: Want something a little more permanent for your yard? Consider installing a retractable pergola canopy for additional shade and beauty. Retractable designs like ours are easy to set up and utilize, allowing you to adjust your property for any weather or occasion. Plus, there are colors and patterns to suit all tastes.


Invest in a Roof Extension: While roof extensions have a much higher upfront cost than adding a retractable canopy, they also add the most value to your property. This option works best for pergolas located on a patio that is attached to your home.