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Solid and Striped Waterproof Sunbrella Fabrics Used for Retractable Awnings on Cables


 Recasens fabricsSunbrella Fabrics 

Fabrics for Our Retractable Pergola Covers

CableShade retractable pergola covers are made from the world’s best solution-dyed acrylic marina fabrics made by Sunbrella® and RECacril®, known for their durability and longevity.

Pergola canopies are an excellent way to not only protect yourself from the heat of the sun but also add style and flair to any patio design. With dozens of color choices and patterns, you can customize your outdoor living space with vibrant accents that will have you planning garden parties for the entire summer. Our selection means you’re free to mix and match your existing décor or find inspiration to develop an entirely new exterior design. Allow us to make suggestions on your color scheme, what fabrics work best for your purposes, and sizing recommendations. 

Your pergola canopy isn’t just a design element; it serves a practical purpose. Don’t take chances on sun exposure; give us a call to discuss how to add these beautiful additions to your garden oasis. Our pergola canopies are known for their high-quality and long-lasting fabrics and make an excellent sunblock to protect you from harmful UV rays as well as the heat of the day. 

Give us a call to discuss your ideas and browse our inventory. We know you’ll love our selection and the wide array of colors, patterns, and sizes. You can even customize your pergola canopy to ensure it fits perfectly in your space. 

Explore Our Colors, Patterns, & Size Guide

They are waterproof, mildew-resistant, and available in more than 200 stripe, tweed, and solid colors.

The standard size shades are 50” widths, 64” widths, and 84” widths. You can also customize smaller sizes for a 10% upcharge.  See below for fabric size information and available colors/patterns.

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Solid fabric retractable canopies

Striped fabric retractable canopies

Wide striped fabric retractable shades Wide solid fabric retractable awnings

Solid Textured fabrics for canopies

Mesh fabrics for canopies

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Red fabric retractable shades Brown fabric retractable canopies Tan fabric retractable awnings

Yellow and Orange fabric shades Green fabric retractable awnings Blue fabric retractable wave shades

Grey fabric shades Black fabric retractable canopies White fabric shades

Green striped fabric retractable canopies

Ideas to Mix and Match Fabric Colors

Choose from hundreds of fabric colors and patterns to customize a unique color design for your patio, pergola or deck! Click to view some mix/match ideas for CableShade fabrics.

Mesh fabric shades

Textilene Mesh

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Awntex Mesh

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FREE Fabric Samples 

You can select up to 10 fabric samples to be mailed to you directly-- simply email us with your mailing address and desired fabrics.  Allow 5-7 days for delivery. 

Rather than ordering fabric samples a great way to see a close up of the Sunbrella fabrics is through these Sailrite video's via YouTube.

Simply Google the fabric you like — such as using the words: YouTube, Sailrite, Sunbrella Burgundy (for instance — click below link) 

YouTube Video

Widths of Available CableShade Canopies

The standard size shades are 50” widths (using 46" fabric), 64” widths (using 60" fabric), and 84” widths (using 80" fabric). You can also customize smaller sizes for a 10% upcharge.

Note: Standard CableShade finished sizes are 4” wider than fabric widths to accomodate eyelet and cable placement needed for mounting.  

RECacril® and Sunbrella® shade or marina fabrics have a ten-year warranty. The Sunbrella Clarity, Sunbrella Ahoy, Sunbrella Unity, Sunbrella Plus, and Sunbrella Supreme lines come with only a five-year warranty.

• 46” Fabrics (50” CableShades) available in Stripe, Solid, Tweed (RECacril® and Sunbrella® fabrics) with 200+ color and design choices. Also includes Textilene and Awntex Mesh fabrics.

• 60” Fabrics (64” CableShades) available in select Solids and Tweed fabric patterns with 100 color choices. There are 9 stripe patterns available in the wider 60" size (additional 10% charge may apply to these premium prints): Sunbrella Grand Canyon Sunset, Sunbrella Olympic Ember, Sunbrella Yakima Apple, and six Outdura basic stripe patterns.  View fabric colors above for size availability.  Also Textilene and Awntex mesh.

• 80” (84” CableShades) available in the following Sunbrella marina fabric colors: Captain Navy, Jockey Red, Forest Green, Heather Beige, True Brown, Slate, Charcoal Grey, Linen, Marine Blue, Pacific Blue, Navy, White, Cadet Grey, Burgundy, Toast, and Black.

• Customized CableShades 'less than' any of the above sizes are available at 10% upcharge.