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Striped fabric retractable canopies over backyard patio

Replacement Fabric for Your Patio, Pergola or Deck Awnings

Looking to update the look of your existing fabric canopies?  View our fabric page and choose from hundreds of available awning fabrics from Sunbrella, RecAcril, Textilene and Awntex.  Our fabrics are top grade with the longest manufacturer warranties on the market.  Choose from over 300 fabric colors & designs to design your perfect new shade project!

Depending on your current system, you can simply select your new fabric and have us replace and repair the fabric only.  However, in most cases a simple conversion to our upgraded CableShade system is preferrable to just fabric replacement.  Our canopies glide easily on stainless steel cables and are are made from only top grade fabrics and components.  Installation in very simple-- four eyelets per canopy (placed exactly according to our detailed instruction), then thread the cable through the eyelets and tighten.  With our added carabiners, the canopies can clip right onto the cables in less than a minute. 

Contact us for more information about canopy replacement.