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Striped fabric retractable canopies over backyard patio

5 Easy Steps to Price and Order Your Colorful Retractable Patio Shade Canopy

(See the below pricing example on this page) 

1. Call or email describing your retractable fabric canopy project

2. Receive a quote via phone or email

3. If the quote is acceptable, email digitals, dimensions, or a birds-eye-view diagram for accuracy and final price

4. Select the fabric

5. CableShade NATIONWIDE will email you the invoice for your order, or you can call in the payment

Retractable Canopy Pricing 

There are 3 standard sizes of fabric.  After measuring and calculating your total square footage, determine which sizes you will need to cover the entire area desired.  *NOTE: If standard sizes will not work, we can do custom sizes, with a 10% upcharge for customizing canopies.  

Standard price - fabric size - (CableShade size)

$13 per sq. ft. - 80" fabric - (84" Shades) $14 per sq. ft. - 60" fabric - (64" Shades) $15 per sq. ft. - 46" fabric - (50" Shades)


Available Fabric Colors Per Canopy Size:

50" Shades- Available in all colors and designs, including Sunbrella Stripes, Solids and Tweed fabrics

64" Shades- Available only in Solid or Tweed Sunbrella, or Outdura Striped BIG SUR patterns

84" Shades- Only available in select Sunbrella Solid colors (Forest Green; Captain Navy; Pacific Blue; Navy; Marine Blue; Cadet Grey; Burgundy; Toast; Black; Jockey Red; Heather Beige; True Brown; Charcoal Grey; Linen; Slate).  Also available in most any Textilene fabric. 

How to Measure and Estimate Pricing for Your Canopies

Let's say your pergola has a 21ft. width and 10 ft. projection (back to front) ... 

[5] of the 50" standard sizes (21 ft. width) would cost $15 per sq. ft. 

[4] of the 64" standard sizes ( 21' 4" width) would cost $14 per sq. ft. 

[3] of the 84" standard sizes (21 ft width) would cost $13 per sq. ft. 

The width measurement would determine whether to use standard sizes with standard pricing, or custom sizes with 10% upcharge.  The 'projection' (back to front -- mounting point to mounting point) can be any increment and does not need to meet any custom size requirement. 

Often customers use a combination of sizes AND/OR a combination of colors (i.e. Stripe/Solid/Stripe, etc) to achieve the best price available AND/OR create the most decorative look for their project. 

Hangdowns are $30 additional--each ($40 on 84" sizes). Required on the back side only, for snow areas. Hangdowns usually 12-16 inches.

*Prices do not include shipping and handling charges or taxes, if applicable.  Prices do not include the pergola or frame structure.  Prices quoted are for assembled canopies and all required hardware for installation.  Shipping costs vary depending on location.  Price does not include frame/pergola.


My existing pergola has an under-side available space  16ft. wide (The available space on the house side and also on header side.)

I want the canopies to project out from house to the inside of header beam, 12 ft. (mount point to mount point - eyelet to eyelet)

16 x 12 = 192 sq. ft. 
192 x $14 per sq. ft. = $2688 (this would be [3] of the 64" sizes @ 12 ft. projection) 

Price Example

Price does not include costs of pergola structure or installation

* Installation available in some areas. Average install price of $100 per canopy depending on distance and seasonal availability. Approximately 90 % of the CableShade customers do their own installation -- simply set the 4-corner eyelets where instructed, thread the cable and tighten the turnbuckle (all provided).

If the Price is Within Your Budget...

Email us a few digitals of your area needing shade (2 overall shots and some close-ups -- perhaps 6 digitals in all would do) 

Email to: along with your name, city, and best contact phone number.

Select your fabric. (See fabrics here scroll to the bottom when the page opens.)